Thank you for signing up for my upcoming event, 12 Days of Sugar Free Christmas!

What the heck is Shawn’s 12 days of Sugar Free Christmas?

It’s a celebration of living well with diabetes. I will be sharing great tips, insights, lessons learned from the diabetes heroes in my life, all in a fun and calorie free way.

Starting on Dec 9th, I will release a new episode everyday for 12 days, and since I know how busy this time of year is…….each episode will be less than 5 minutes, promise.

Think of it as getting a great gift, delivered to your computer everyday for 12 days……

Plus, as a bonus gift, here are links to my “Born To Be Alive, Sugar Free Manifest”, and my book, “Sweet Success, Living Well with Diabetes”.

Download: Born To Be Alive Manifesto

Download: Sweet Success, Living Well With Diabetes

Looking forward to seeing you there….

Happy Holidays!