Attention anyone living with Diabetes, or who knows someone who does…

Introducing “The 12 Days of a Sugar-Free Christmas”… with Sugar Free Shawn, a completely free no-holds barred Video Series from the heart.


Dear Friend,

The holiday season is a time that brings together friends, family, parties and lots of great things…..and for those of us living with diabetes it can also bring:

  • Wacky out of control blood sugars
  • Family stress that throws off routines
  • Dealing with those sweet “holiday parties”
  • The dreaded “diabetes” hangover
  • Feeling hopeless about next year, after all, there are so many things you CAN”T do…and…
  • …even emergency situations that can really cramp the holiday spirit.

If this feels familiar, keep reading…because I have a gift for you.

“Well a Very Merry Christmas to You Too, Doctor!”

Those were the words I said when I was diagnosed with insulin-dependent diabetes 14 short years ago on Christmas Day.

Yes, I said Christmas Day!

Little did I know of the magical (in a good way) journey that I would be on since that day.

I now speak as a Diabetes educator and champion of the “Live Well with Diabetes” Movement, travelling to keynote presentations around the world, sometimes with more than 1000 people in the audience! I”m married to a beautiful woman, play hockey almost every week, and yes, Christmas is now a happy day!

I”ve been very lucky, and sometimes people ask “Shawn, how do you do it? You have Diabetes.”

Whether you live with type 1 or 2 diabetes, you know someone who does, or you”re curious how the holidays can be happy, no matter what you”re living with…I hope you”ll join me on this special journey, completely free.

So what the heck is
“The 12 Days of a Sugar-Free Christmas”
and Why Should I Care?

In short it is an in your face, and fun (yes fun) look at living well with diabetes over the holidays from a member of the diabetes family.

Starting on Monday, Dec 12th, for approximately 12 days, I”d like to send you a short (and sweet) 5ish minute video of me, talking about:

  • How to have a great time and have good blood sugars
  • How to say diplomatic “Diabetes No” without offending others
  • Deal with well-intentioned family and friends who”re “just trying to help”
  • Have fun with your “non-diabetes” friends
  • Party like it”s 2012 with no “Diabetes” hangover
  • Program Your GPS for an AWESOME 2012, because you deserve it and you can!
  • How your “lens” of the world changes everything
  • How to assemble your own Diabetes dream team ?~@~S this makes all the difference.


So who the heck is Sugar Free Shawn anyways?

Shawn Shepheard is a regular dude living with type 1 diabetes, who was diagnosed on Christmas Day 1997. Shawn has since learned from trial and error and many learning opportunities what it takes to have fun and live well with diabetes. He was the Canadian Diabetes Association Volunteer of the Year, and has successfully run (ok slowly jogged) 3 marathons and 6 half marathons for Team Diabetes.

Wuhoo! You too, can live a full out life with Diabetes!

Want to join in on the Fun?

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Let the “Live well with Diabetes” revolution begin!

Shawn Shepheard

P.S. The video series is totally free so if you know someone who might like to get it, please share this page with them. Thanks!