Make Your Event A Smashing Success

Planning an event, big or small, can be stressful.

I totally get it.

Booking venues, speakers, developing flyers to promote the event, etc….

The list can be overwhelming.

Although I can’t take away all of your stress (sorry, I wish I could).

I can promise to deliver an engaging, memorable presentation that your audience will LOVE.

And providing you with a little peace of mind and an opportunity to check one BIG item from your “To Do” list.

I’ve spoken to thousands of people who are living with diabetes, to those who care for those who have diabetes and everyone in between.

I am known for my real, engaging style, and no BS style, and my dogged determination to make diabetes a lot less scary for people.

I share from my experiences and I tell stories that move people to take action to get the life they want to live!

I can do presentations in person, via webinars or via teleseminar. If you’re interested in having me speak to your organization, please contact me at

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A great emotional punch, real-life relate-ability, and sense of humor that makes you, the event host, look like a million dollars, PLUS adds value to your attendee experience? That's what Shawn brings to any live event, whether as a speaker or emcee. You can count on him...I do, for both in-room and Simulcast.

—Andrea J. Lee
Wealthy Thought Leader

Shawn spoke at our annual public event recently and right from the start, engaged the audience through situations, challenges and real life events that occurs after the diagnosis of Diabetes. Shawn takes challenges and changes them into opportunities. He is passionate about his message and immediately connects with his audience. Great job Shawn

—Hazel Hoogkamp
Diabetes Nurse Educator
Woodstock Hospital

Shawn is fantastic as a speaker on diabetes and making life-changing choices. He is so positive, and his story so authentic, that audiences are immediately engaged in his presentations. Shawn challenges audience members to find their 'why' and make the changes they need to in order to live well, with or without diabetes. I would highly recommend Shawn for your event!

—Todd Nason
Lifescan Canada

Keynote Titles

Life is Sweet

Learn the uplifting story of how Shawn took the diagnosis of type one diabetes and a history of Huntington’s disease in his family and turned it into leading his dream life.

Shawn will share exactly how he did it, and how YOU can apply the lessons to your life immediately.

YOU will learn:

  • The power of getting clear on what you want, and how you can get clear NOW
  • The fuel that will keep you on track and get you through the toughest challenges
  • How to move into ACTION immediately.

Life is Sweet Infographic

You will leave feeling inspired, and have tools to apply to your life immediately.

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Clients Include

Johnson & JohnsonCanadian Diabetes AssociationVerizonOntarioNovo Nordisklogo_york-universitylogo_tim-hortonslogo_success-televisionlogo_right-to-playlogo_magnalogo_ibmlogo_com-dev

Speaking Highlights Include

  • Presentation in Canada’s Senate on Living Well with Diabetes
  • Keynote Presentation at the International Summit on the Complications of diabetes
  • Keynote Speaker for the Shopper Drug Mart Living Well with Diabetes Tour
  • Master of Ceremonies and “Talk Show” host for the George Canyon and Friends Diabetes Heroes Tour
  • Hosted “Time of My Life – Live from New York” International Broadcast
  • Keynote Speaker at Tour de Coach in Tuscon, Arizona
  • Keynote Speaker at “More Clients for Me” Event in Los Angeles ,CA
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