A great emotional punch, real-life relate-ability, and sense of humor that makes you, the event host, look like a million dollars, PLUS adds value to your attendee experience? That's what Shawn brings to any live event, whether as a speaker or emcee. You can count on him...I do, for both in-room and Simulcast.

—Andrea J. Lee
Wealthy Thought Leader

Shawn spoke at our annual public event recently and right from the start, engaged the audience through situations, challenges and real life events that occurs after the diagnosis of Diabetes. Shawn takes challenges and changes them into opportunities. He is passionate about his message and immediately connects with his audience. Great job Shawn

—Hazel Hoogkamp
Diabetes Nurse Educator
Woodstock Hospital

Shawn is fantastic as a speaker on diabetes and making life-changing choices. He is so positive, and his story so authentic, that audiences are immediately engaged in his presentations. Shawn challenges audience members to find their 'why' and make the changes they need to in order to live well, with or without diabetes. I would highly recommend Shawn for your event!

—Todd Nason
Lifescan Canada

"Shawn Shepheard has been there for me in good times and during the toughest moments. His genuine caring for others and his ability to make people laugh through stories is a gift. I'm glad he is now sharing that gift with the world through this book. Life is indeed sweet!"

—Jim Thomson
Former NHL Player and owner of Jim Thomson's "Dreams Do Come True"

"When you are with Shawn, the time flies by. He has such a special way of telling stories that are not only funny and entertaining, but that resonate with people on the most human of levels. His stories leave you feeling inspired to not only take action in your own life, but to see the greatness in others as well.

Shawn is the consummate storyteller! He brings humour (often laughing at himself!), caring, insight and wisdom to whatever group he is with. You leave Shawn feeling inspired to make a difference, not only in your own life but on a larger scale. His stories have THAT much power!"

—Laura MacKenzie
Prodigy Consulting

Do you like stories? Stories that touch your heart? Stories that make you stand up and cheer? Stories that make you laugh so hard, you might actually embarrass yourself in public? Then you'll want to grab "Life is Sweet" right now and take it with you everywhere you go. Sure, you might get a few stares from the guy sitting next to you on the plane -- but I promise, it will be so worth it.

—Lisa Canfield

As I've gotten older, I've learned a few lessons. Among them, there's not many people in the world that I can consistently count on, and Shawn Shepheard is one of them. His level of honesty, wit, and attitude has routinely been a source of comfort and support for me. He has kept me grounded through many tears, years, jobs, and salaries. my successes professionally and personally would not have happened without Shawn Shepheard. His advice and kindness shows no limitations. When I'm down or at a loss, his comforting words, his storytelling, has kept me on my road to living my dreams.

—Nicole Ponseca
Maharlika Filipino Moderno and Jeepney Filipino Gastropub
Two stars, New York Times; featured on NBC, Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Travel and Leisure, et al.

If you want your audience to be inspired and uplifted, please book Shawn Shepheard to speak at your event. He was a main attraction at my 'More Clients for Me!' conference and the attendees reported that he inspired them in ways no one else ever had. I can't wait to bring him back.

— Casey Truffo
International Therapist Leadership Institut

It's no surprise that Shawn gets rave reviews. He's a wonderful speaker with a powerful message and has an exceptional ability to truly connect with the audience.

I highly recommend him - he's a real star!

—Cathleen Fillmore
Speakers Gold Bureau

Shawn is an inspiration to everyone living with diabetes. Whether you were diagnosed recently or decades ago, Shawn will show you how to take a huge challenge and make it into an opportunity for accomplishment. Shawn?~@~Ys commitment to people living with diabetes is difficult to match and impossible to measure. Shawn is an ambassador, advocate and role model for everyone.

—Ben Lovett
Territory Manager

Shawn Shepheard is a dynamic and empathetic speaker who has an uncanny ability to encourage active learning in the people fortunate enough to attend his presentations.

—Janis Foord Kirk
International Syndicated Columnist Author of Survivability

Shawn is passionate about everything he does, it's who he is. His words of inspiration and action have been a gift to me.

—Jim Thomson
Former NHL Player and Television Personality

He's cited. He's quoted. He's one of most respected speakers in Canada, admired from coast to coast.His life and his message are both evidence and example that no matter what we can fulfill our destiny.

—Lissa Boles
The Soul Mapper

Shawn delivered our keynote presentation for the Intensive Care for Nurses & Healthcare Professionals Wellness Retreat. He went above and beyond our expectations and connected with our participants on a really meaningful level.

—Stephanie Staples
Your Life Unlimited