Shawn’s Crazy Life

You know when you meet people for the first time and they ask you: “so, what do you do for a living?” I never know how to answer that question. In short, I LOVE everything I do, and there is a wee bit of variety involved in my life.

Years ago a friend shared some life advice with me.

His keys to being happy were:

  1. Figure out what you love doing.
  2. Figure out how to do it.
  3. Do it.

“The Best Way to Predict The Future is To Create It.”
— Peter Drucker


Well I listened to him and here’s what I love doing and how I do it.

So in no particular order here’s a peek at my crazy (crazy good that is) life:

  • slapshotI have run a hockey program for children that have never played hockey before called the Slapshot Program, hosted by the Character Community Foundation of York Region. Have a peek at one of our on ice days

  • I love, love, love the generous spirit of the diabetes community and my involvement includes:
    1. ShawncameraHosting the Sugar Free Shawn Show — we have lots of fun profiling people living well with diabetes and share tips on how you too can have fun and live well with diabetes.
    2. CaseyKeynote Speaking — nothing is better than being in a room full of people that just “get it”, diabetes and living life to the fullest that is. I love presenting to health care providers, and people living with diabetes.
    3. Host of The Sugar Free Shawn Network — I’ve always wondered how we keep the connection and inspiration going between events, you know day to day, when it’s easy to feel like we are all alone. The Network is my answer to keeping that connection and energy alive, everyday.18
    4. Author — It still feels a little weird calling myself an author, but I am proud to have released my book: ‘Life is Sweet”.
    5. Helping Companies that I Love — I’ve been involved in corporate training for many years.

You know the funny thing? I believe lasting results only happen when leaders work together with their teams, and communicate on a ongoing basis. The answers don’t lie with the “expert” who comes in and preaches, then leaves. I call that the supply teacher syndrome, because the team knows you will not be there tomorrow.

  • Actionable BooksNow I am part of a crazy good team that takes the lessons from best selling business books, turns them into kick butt, ready to use lessons that each team leader can use with their teams. Love it, and proud to be part of the Actionable Books Team. Check them out for yourself at
  • And in my spare time, I love hanging out with my wife, playing hockey and reading…