My First 24 Hours on the CGM

It’s Monday morning and the calendar says that it is spring, but someone forgot to tell Mother Nature. It’s a tad bit chilly out there.

I pack up my new pump and sensor supplies and head out to my diabetes education clinic to get started on both. Exciting stuff!

Although, I am looking forward to getting started with the sensor, I am a little unsure of what to expect, or if I will like it.  Will it just be “another” thing to deal with?

Will a bunch of alarms go off in the middle of one of my presentations? Or worse, in the middle of the night?

It Begins
The process of getting started was much easier than I expected, and the appointment was much shorter than expected. Sweet!

Two hours after leaving the clinic I test my blood to calibrate the sensor. Again, pretty easy. I’m thinking “I can do this”. I guess I was expecting something to go wrong, or somehow I would mess it up, but apparently the sensor is “Shawn Proof”. Nice.

Over the next 24 hours I keep checking in on the Trend Graph screen to see where I have been, and where I am going (blood sugar-wise that is).

Very cool, I wish someone could invent something like this for my life. Wouldn’t it be great to see what is coming? Is there going to be a great opportunity ahead? Are we getting stood up for lunch?

I digress…

Back to the sensor, the graph shows me where I have been and the arrows tell me where I am heading, which in turn leads to better decisions on my part.

The first test for me is not at dinner, but watching my beloved Boston Bruins play their rivals from Montreal.

To my surprise, the arrows show my blood sugars being stable throughout the game. You see, I get a little “into” the game and wondered if that would have any effect.

Well, 24 hours in, and I am really liking my toy. Looking forward to what the graph will say when I play hockey today. Stay tuned!

Blog Photo

Here’s is a look at my trend graph for the first 20 hours, and yes I did start a wee bit high.

And I am guilty of shameless self promotion, by putting my book in the background 🙂


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