My Favourite Sugar Free Drink

As someone who lives with Type-1 diabetes, I have been looking for a refreshing, tasty, sugar-free beverage that doesn’t have all that other “stuff” that diet beverages have.

Three years ago, I found the answer I was looking for. On a flight home from NYC with my wife, she shared with me a short piece on Zevia in O Magazine.

Seriously, an all-natural soda that tastes good?

I admit I had my doubts at first.  When I got home, I searched online for somewhere in the Toronto area where I could find Zevia.  I found a great little store in an industrial area.  I went in and bought all the Zevia they had left, two 6-packs.

I'm a Zevia Grape fan!

I’m a Zevia Grape fan!

The owner of the store mentioned, that recently it seems like a lot of people where buying Zevia. I suggested that she just might want to increase her order of Zevia.  I went to my car and got the O magazine then showed it to her; she thanked me for sharing it and yes, she increased her order of Zevia.

I have been a huge fan of Zevia ever since, my favourite is Grape, and am so happy to enjoy a great soda without the guilt.

Thanks Zevia!

Grab your coupons HERE to try Zevia for yourself.

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