The “Show” Goes On – Adventures from the Flood in Calgary

Last Thursday morning, I got up and headed to the airport in Toronto for a short trip to the Stampede City – Calgary, Alberta.

You see, my brother Randy was getting married to Lisa-Marie on Saturday at the beautiful Hotel Arts in downtown Calgary.

As our plane started to descend on the city, I looked down and said to my wife:

“Wow, looks like that golf course is a little bit flooded.”

Little did we know what the next 72 hours would look like!

The Adventure Starts

Since the trip was planned for months, I decided it would be great to get in a speaking engagement for the good folks in Calgary.

Thursday night it was, and I thoroughly enjoyed speaking to a group of pharmacists downtown.

After the dinner, our server let us know that “we need to leave now, the downtown is being evacuated.”

I thought she was joking!

Sure there was rain, and lots of it, but evacuation? Really?

Well, I got out of downtown safely and witnessed first-hand just how bad things were getting.


Aerial shot of the Saddledome (photo courtesy of

The Bow River was raging!

Friday Morning

My wife and I were staying with the soon to be married couple.  My brother left the house early, and I headed downstairs at around 8 am.  The Bride, Lisa-Marie, was sitting on the couch watching TV.

I saw how bad it really was, the city was in a state of emergency as the announcer said “This type of flood happens once every 100 years or so”


The flood waters rage (

That was the day before the wedding.

Coming Together

It was a miracle that no lives were lost in downtown Calgary.

But what about the wedding?

After a year of planning, Randy and Lisa Marie had to decide in minutes whether to move the venue away from the downtown core, or re-schedule.

They had to decide fast, and dozens of weddings were facing the same fate and the few available locations were going fast.

The decided to go on with the wedding and change venues.

Can you imagine changing all of your wedding plans at the last minute? Trying to reorganize every detail? Notify all guests?

And on and on…

The Wedding was a Smashing Success!

I can write a book to let you know of everything that had to come together but the wedding went on as scheduled.

And everyone came together to celebrate and have a great time.

Always keep that positive attitude! Shawn and his wife during the wedding ceremonies of his brother.

Stories of this wedding and the adventure will be shared for many years to come!

Congratulations Randy and my new Sister – in – Law Lisa-Marie.

Just like living with diabetes on a daily basis, there are up and downs…..the key is to look for the positive and to keep smiling.

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