Someday I Will

We’ve all said the words “Someday I will …..” and fill in the blanks.

Someday I will take a vacation, run a 10-km race, pursue my dreams etc….

You know the drill.

We all have broken promises we have made to ourselves, big and small.

Since meeting the star of episode II of The Sugar Free Shawn Show, Lindsey Carswell, I have promised myself that: “someday I will go up and fly with Lindsey”.

But when? We are both busy and live in different cities.

Well that someday was TODAY!

Lindsey and I made plans a few weeks back to commit to sharing a flying experience together. We picked a date, and stayed committed to making it happen.

And voila, today I went up in the air on my first flight with Lindsey, and what an experience it was (check out the picture below of our view) !

My view from the top

A big thank you to Lindsey Carswell for taking me up in the air, I really appreciate it! It was an amazing day.

The author with Lindsey Carswell prior to takeoff

What have you promised yourself that “someday” you will do?

Can you take a step today to make it happen?

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