Three Ways to Include Exercise in Your Daily Routine

Being active means different things to different people.

If you are diabetes champion and American Ninja Warrior Kyle Cochrane, it might mean three hours of intense exercise daily.

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Kyle (who by the way is a terrific guy), I tip my hat to you 😉

Or it could be my friend Patty, who rarely misses her 20-minute morning walk.

The important thing is that they both include exercise into their daily routine.

The author shown here with GoodLife Fitness Manager Lucy Wu

Here are my Top 3 Tips to Incorporate Exercise into Your Life:

  1. Do something you enjoy – it’s a lot easier to stick to it.
  2. Do it with a friend – find an exercise partner, it makes if fun and keeps you both accountable.
  3. Put it in your calendar – this one took me a long time to master.  We put everything else that is important in our calendar, and exercise should definitely be there as well.

To see more tips, please watch the latest episode of The Sugar Free Shawn Show here:

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