The Inspiration Behind The Sugar Free Shawn Show

I strongly believe the quality of the answers we get in life, strongly depend on the questions we ask ourselves.

To discover better answers, we need to ask better questions.

The question I have asked myself for years is:

“How can we take the inspiration and connection from a live presentation, and keep it going long after the presentation has ended?”

We can all relate to hearing a great speaker at an event or conference, feeling excited and inspired in the moment only to return to our busy lives and lose that connection.

It happens all the time.

I’ve had enough of losing that connection, and it was time that I did something about it.

Alas, the “Sugar Free Shawn Show” was born.

I wanted YOU to have available time to watch at YOUR convenience, short shows profiling ways we can all live well with diabetes, and keep that connection alive, and yes, while having some fun as well.

I can assure you that lots of time and TLC are put into each episode, and I hope you enjoy them.

Would love to hear your feedback on the show!

Shawn Shepheard

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