I’m Pissed Off, Are You?

I am pissed off, seriously pissed off.

No need to be alarmed, I’m still the “same” guy, just a little pissed off.

Nobody is immune from getting pissed off, but sometimes we choose not to share it.

Well today I’m sharing, in no particular order I’m pissed off with:

– People who don’t keep their commitments. ┬áDon’t make them if you don’t intend on keeping them

– That the daughter of a great friend of mine has just been diagnosed with type one diabetes.

– Companies that refuse to “get it” and refuse to serve their customers.

– With MYSELF for allowing my physical health to not meet my expectations, for allowing myself to not get paid what I am worth.

There is power in acknowledging what we are pissed off with, and not just keep saying that things are “just fine”.

So who is with me in sharing what you are pissed off about?

There is beauty in acknowledging and moving forward….

Enjoy this classic scene from Jerry McGuire……….Just LOVE that Dorothy Boyd.

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