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One of the biggest challenges I faced when being diagnosed with Type One diabetes 15 years ago, was that I often felt that I was the only one living with this disease.

Now, I knew that millions of people around the world were living with diabetes, but the problem was I didn’t know many of them.

In everyday situations, I often felt isolated.

When testing my blood, taking insulin injections, dealing with the highs and lows of living with diabetes.

I needed to find my “peeps”, people who also understood and lived with diabetes.

And I am very grateful that I did find my “peeps”, through groups like Connected in Motion, JDRF and the CDA.

I am often asked after a speaking event “how do we stay connected?”

Well, here’s my answer…..

Join our FREE online community at www.sugarfreeshawn.com and you will get FREE resources, videos, tips, and access to our new web tv show ‘The Sugar Free Shawn” show.

Love to keep connected with you!

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