Lessons From Launching My First TV Show

Yesterday was a BIG day for me.

It was World Diabetes Day, the launch of my first ever TV show, followed by a keynote presentation in Chester Basin, Nova Scotia.

Told you it was BIG.

I’ve always found that the “answers” we get in life are only as good as the “questions” we ask ourselves.

Let me explain.

I speak to many different audiences every year. From corporate executives, to entrepreneurs, to job seekers and people living with diabetes.

In each presentation I have an opportunity to connect with the audience in a meaningful and hopefully inspiring way. Unfortunately, that connection and inspiration can quickly vanish minutes, or hours after the presentation.

The question I have asked myself for years is: “How can we keep that connection, inspiration and energy going long after the presentation ends, and have a lasting impact on people’s lives?”

That question has lead me to the release of my first tv show.

Each episode will do just that, and provide you with real tips that you can apply to your life immediately.

You can watch the first episode here.

Here are 3 of the lessons I learned from putting this show together:

1) Always surround yourself with good people, who understand you and your message. Everyone involved in this project was passionate about bringing the story of living well with diabetes to the world, it totally ‘got me”

Thanks to Pat, Ryan, Donna and Tanya for making my show possible.

2) Think before you act – It’s important to take a step back and think about your vision, before jumping into action mode. I needed to think about the entire show, and season, long before jumping into the filming mode.

3) Share your vision and dreams with others, it’s the only way they will come true.

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