Magic Lessons from a Fall Snowstorm

I’m currently on a three city Western Canada tour delivering presentations to diabetes educators.  I absolutely love these events as they give me an opportunity to thank them for the incredible work they do everyday helping people live well with diabetes.

Yesterday I woke up in Regina to a fall snowstorm, yes, snowstorm.  After numerous flight delays, and two flights, I arrived in Saskatoon over 8 hours later and we had an amazing evening with educators here.

Flight delays, and hanging out in crowded airports might not be my favourite way to spend a day, but if that’s the worst thing I faced yesterday I’m pretty lucky.

Everyday life provides us with many opportunities to look for the “magic” in the day, and yesterday was full of “magic” including:

1) Meeting a mother and daughter who just returned from a trip of a lifetime.

2) Seeing snow before Halloween

3) Seeing the flight attendants’ smile and humour through difficult conditions

4) Time to hang out with my favourite book and read

What kind of “magic” can you look for today?

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