Hurricane Sandy Brings Out the LOVE

Sometimes it takes a difficult circumstance for us to step back, and take stock of what is important, and let the special people in our lives know just how special they are.
On Monday night,  like millions of others across North America, watched the how Hurricane Sandy has pounding the eastern shore of the US and Canada, and taking direct aim at New York City.
I immediately went to social media to “see” how my friends in NYC were doing.
It was scary quiet on all fronts.  The last message I saw was from Carolina, who experienced many hurricanes growing up in Florida was:

“Ok, I’m officially scared”

And so was I.

I thought of Helen, Nicole, Miguel, Isis, Anthony, and Carolina.

I hoped that they would be alright, and promised to let them know how much they mean to me.

Thankfully they are all well, and I will make it a priority to let them how much they mean to me.

Who can you tell the same to today?

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