How to Turn Inspiration into Real Results

Tired of hearing a great speaker, reading an inspiring book and NOT knowing how to apply the lessons into your daily life?Stop making excuses

We’ve all had those experiences where we have felt inspired either through something we have read or from a captivating speaker, only to reflect on the days that have followed and realize that nothing has changed. Why does this happen?

That’s a question that I have trying to answer for a number of years.

What I have learned from the people that have attended one of my presentations, and turned their inspiration into REAL LASTING RESULTS is that they did the following things:

  1. They had an emotional reaction to something I said. Something got their heart racing, and they knew it was time to take action.
  2. They took immediate action and made a commitment to change starting NOW. Most people took action within 6 hours.
  3. They surrounded themselves with a STRONG support team. Changing habits also means changing the people we spend time with currently, if they are not supportive and growing with us.
  4. They acknowledged the resistance phase and stayed committed to their new habits. Whenever you start making changes, you WILL hit a phase of resistance (from your old friends, your beliefs, your old habits).

The best way to navigate this phase is by being part of a supportive community, that understands and knows how to overcome obstacles.

If you want to stop making excuses and start living the life of your dreams NOW, I would love to be on your team.

See you there!


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